HelloList is your magic email list cleaning service

Explosive growth brings a whole host of challenges. One of the many things that started to become an issue as we scaled was effectively reaching both our current clients and new leads.

There were multiple things that lead to this being an issue, but one of the significant ones was a low email open rate. We dove into our emailing stats and data to see what was going on. We discovered that an alarming number of our emails were getting rejected, and more were getting marked as spam. The more emails that were marked as spam, the more that were rejected, which meant more email providers would further mark our emails as spam. This created a vicious cycle that we were desperate to escape from.

We dug in and found that bad emails were getting into our lists. People would enter typos, disposable email address, email addresses for jobs they soon left, and made-up/fake emails. On top of this, competitors would put in known spam traps into our lists as well. Before we dove in we had no idea what a spam trap was, but quickly learned it's an email address that marks everything it gets as spam.

None of these email addresses were ones we ever wanted to email. Each time we would email one, our good emails would reach fewer real people.

After some research we found some email list cleaning services and began to consider them. We used internal tools to send emails, so integrations with other platforms wasn't terribly important to us. We focused on accuracy, speed, and finally cost of the service.

We created a sample email list that we knew the results of and began testing a few services to see how they stacked up. In the end, we went with HelloList. They were accurate, speedy, and (of the premium/professional grade services we considered) the most cost-effective.

We've started running every type of email list we use internally through them, and our email marketing has gotten much healthier for it. We get practically zero spam complaints or rejected emails. Most importantly we're getting almost double the number of overall emails to be read.

More emails getting read means more clients, more clients means fast growth. We definitely earned a solid return on our small investment in using HelloList to clean our email lists.